Apart from the actual venue the most important feature of any event has to be the food and drink!


At Minstrel Court we can offer unlimited options because we are entirely flexible, both with choice of dishes and how they are served - many couples prefer an informal style of wedding and we are always happy to listen to any ideas!

Take advantage of our own Professional in House catering, providing a full menu of your choice to suit all tastes and budgets. Unlike most other venues we do not have set menus, asking you to choose between a starter from menu A and a main course from menu B! In any one month we may have done a formal three course, a giant Paella, Fish and Chips in metal pails, a full blown Indian meal, a barbie, a roast carved by your guests on the tables in chefs hats, picnic baskets or even pie and mash! Talk to us and we will do our best to make your ideas work!

When you visit to take a look just let us know your thoughts and we will give you a few ideas and try to help!

(In certain circumstances we do allow outside caterers)

We also offer superb outside catering for weddings and other events - just contact us for full details!

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